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Job ID 136765 - Posted 31/01/2014 - India - Bengaluru - Corporate Units - Research & Development - Mid-level Professional - Siemens Employee - Full time only

Job Title: Technical Expert

Location: Bangalore

Job ID: 136765

Organization: Corporate Technology http://www.siemens.com/corporate-technology/en/index.php


With over 1,900 research operatives worldwide, the Corporate Technology department (www.ct.siemens.com) occupies a special position within Siemens' R&D facilities. It functions as an international network of expertise and as a global partner for technology and innovations. Through its R&D activities in Germany, the USA, China, India, Russia, Japan and Eastern Europe Corporate Technology helps secure the company's technological future and bolster its competitiveness.

RTC is at the heart of Siemens R&D. Its strong technology base makes it a strong in-house partner for innovation. We develop technologies with wide applicability for the Siemens Divisions and help them to successfully bring innovations to market. Our about 1,800 scientists at locations in North America, Europe, and Asia ensure the technological and innovative future of the company.

The Parallel Systems Research Group of Siemens Corporate Technology in Bangalore, India, is looking to recruit an experienced candidate to lead research and development activities. In this position, the candidate is required to understand emerging high performance computing (HPC) trends (multi-core and many-core) and apply them innovatively to Siemens applications to deliver cutting-edge performance. The candidate is required to analyze applications for bottlenecks and architect novel solutions to alleviate these bottlenecks. He/she should  perform and lead research in this domain and develop new, easy-to-use frameworks and abstractions that will bring HPC concepts to businesses.

 The candidate is also required to have an in depth understanding of software engineering concepts in general, and be able to apply them to solve business needs. The candidate should be able to architect, design and develop software/middleware and also lead and mentor moderately sized teams in creating parallel software solutions for Siemens business needs worldwide. The candidate should also effectively contribute in providing the required competitive edge to the businesses by creating value out of new parallel technologies through business viable technical propositions. The candidate should be able to partner with technology providers, research partners in universities and Siemens business units effectively.

 What are my responsibilities?

  • Be a technology expert in state-of-the-art multi-core and accelerator technologies
  • Perform and lead research & development activity in close teamwork with colleagues and university and industry partners
  • Drive prototypes for innovative technology demonstration
  • Understand domain know-how of Siemens businesses and contribute significantly in creating business viable technical proposals
  • Lead and mentor moderately sized teams
  • Design and develop parallel software solutions for Siemens businesses worldwide
  • Perform program analysis, code reviews, optimizations and performance tuning for Siemens applications
  • Contribute to creation of intellectual property through invention disclosures and patents
  • Publish technical papers in prestigious conferences and journals
  • Provide consulting / training to Siemens business units

 What do I need to qualify for this job?

 Domain Expertise

  • Must have in-depth knowledge in parallel computing (multi-core/many-core) architectures and methodologies
  • Prior research and development experience in parallel computing
  • Passion and keen interest in emerging technology trends in parallel computing
  • Should have good software engineering, architecture and design skills

 Soft Skills

  • Must have excellent communication and presentation skills
  • Must be able to lead and mentor moderately sized teams, experience in managing projects
  • Should be strongly self-motivated


  • PhD / Masters degree in Computer Science
  • 6+ years industry/research experience in parallel computing/software development
  • Minimum 3 years experience in parallel computing technologies (multi-core, GPU, MIC computing)
  • Technical papers at prestigious conferences and journals is an added plus

What else do I need to know?

 Siemens is dedicated to qualitiy, equality, and valuating diversity and we welcome applications that reflect the diversity of the communities within which we work.


Please find more information at: http://www.siemens.com/corporate-technology/en/index.php

 We are looking forward to receiving your online application. Please ensure you complete all areas of the application form to the best of you ability as we will use the data to review your suitablity for the role.



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